Coaching is one of the most challenging and rewarding professions in the world today and takes incredible amounts of physical and mental energy, on and off the field.

Whether a full-time coach in the NFL, top Division I program or local high school, the pressure to win is at an all-time high.

Having worked with coaches at all levels of sport, including Olympic, professional, college, high school, and youth, the Athletic Mind Institute is committed to creating world-class coaches!

Dr. Kays Coach Training puts coaches at their best, consistently, on and off the field.

You will:

  • Maximize your performance on the field
  • Maximize the performance of your team
  • Learn to mentally train your athletes during physical practice
  • Learn to balance the coaching lifestyle, better manage stress and increase peace of mind
  • Manage players and fellow coaches effectively
  • Address organizational and budgetary issues efficiently
  • Improve recruiting success

As a part of our services, we offer:

  • A customized assessment of current needs and greatest concerns
  • A prioritized action plan and recommendations for quick results
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Kays by email, phone and SKYPE
  • Access to Dr. Kays’ seminars, books, podcasts, webinars and other products
  • On-site training with your coaching staff, assistant coaches and team
  • Specific objectives and fees are addressed directly prior to contract. Hourly fees do not apply to coaching services.


Wow!! What a comprehensive manual for coaches and athletes. Leif and Todd have compiled a terrific resource for serious competitors. Every encounter that awaits the coach and player is addressed. This book needs to be on every coaches desk and in every players locker.

Jim Tressel Former Head Football Coach The Ohio State University

Dr. Todd Kays has been a great asset to the Ohio State Women’s Golf Team and coaching staff for the past 8 years. His expertise with the game of golf has been a key component with developing Lady Buckeye golfers. His insights are just as important as the many physical skills that most players only want to focus on. If you do not believe, favorable results will not happen no matter how hard you work and prepare. Todd assists our players getting into a place which allows their physical work to shine!

Therese Hession Head Womens Golf Coach The Ohio State University

I have personally worked with Dr. Todd Kays and watched the growth of individuals and groups that have benefited from his philosophy, knowledge and understanding. Dr. Kays helps to reveal confidence, develop strategies, organize information and guide individuals who aspire to be the best. As the margin of victory becomes narrow at the top, those bearing the burden of success must have the help and guidance of professionals like Dr. Kays.

Lori Walker Head Womens Soccer Coach The Ohio State University

Dr. Kays has made such a tremendous difference for the coaching staff, players and the entire Crew organization. His dedication, creativity, motivation, and presence have been a vital reason for our success, including being the 2002 US Open Cup Champions. We have become one of the most mentally tough teams in the MLS because of him! Greg Andrulis Head Soccer Coach James Madison University Former Head Coach Columbus Crew

Greg Andrulis

Dr. Todd Kays has been instrumental in my understanding of the mental aspect of sport. Working with him dramatically improved my ability to prepare and implement a mental training plan for my team. His knowledge and insight has been an assistance on countless occasions, and his guidance in the most difficult situations has been invaluable. My interaction with Dr. Kays has laid a framework which generations of my athletes will benefit from. These are not athletic tools, but life tools which I am often encouraging my athletes, my staff, and myself to implement on and off the water.

Andrew Teitelbaum Head Women's Rowing Coach The Ohio State University

The mental skills Todd teaches allow musicians to move from the realm of technical execution towards artistry. Mental training can make it possible for performers to realize their full potential, both in the practice room and in front of an audience. As a performing musician, I notice the difference the practice of these skills makes in my own performances; as a teacher, I see the difference it has made for my students, who have been able to go beyond their fears to more fully realize their potential as musicians.

Dr. Jennifer Parker-Harley Assistant Professor of Flute University of South Carolina

This is my second year with the Columbus Crew as the Head Athletic Trainer. I feel that we have the best and most comprehensive medical and coaching staff in Major League Soccer. At this level of competition, the mental aspect of sports conditioning is one of the most important pieces to a healthy and successful team. Todd does not reap rich monetary rewards for his professional service, but he is a large part of our success. He attends weekly training sessions along with individual meetings with players and staff to develop mental training for peak performance and enjoyment in life…

Craig A. Devine, PT, ATC Former Head Athletic Trainer Columbus Crew

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