Raising a child or young adult in athletics can be one of the most rewarding yet difficult experiences for parents. Unique challenges are also encountered with teams, administrators and league personnel. The Athletic Mind Institute has assisted thousands of parents to make the sport experience the best it can possibly be for youth today!

A.M.I. offers services and programs for:

  • Parents of individual athletes (all ages/levels/sports)
  • Parent groups and organizations (such as boosters/clubs)
  • Travel and select teams
  • Schools and school district personnel (administration, athletic directors)
  • Leagues, state and national organizations


Our goal is to make athletic experiences extremely rewarding, applicable and enriching! All programs are customized to address your desired topics and concerns.


As a part of our services, we offer:   

  • Individual work with student-athletes and their parents to address concerns such as maximizing performance, motivation, thoughts of quitting, issues surrounding transitioning from high school to college sports, and helping your child recover from injury, among many others.
  • Group education on a wide range of topics such as helping student-athletes get the most out of their athletic experiences, sportsmanship, ideal fan behavior, productive and positive parent in sports, mental training, multi-sport athletes, and building healthy life and school success through sports.
  • School and league education on issues such as sportsmanship, positive parenting at competitions and developing leadership skills.
  • Programs for schools, school districts, leagues, and state and national organizations focusing on interventions for areas such as substance abuse, behavior problems, fan behavior, productive parenting and academic problems in student-athletes.


Specific objectives and fees are addressed directly prior to contract. Hourly fees do not apply to these services.