Inner Balance

The Inner Balance™ sensor for Android and iPhone trains you to shift and replace emotional stress with emotional balance and coherence. This tool is one that helps my players “mentally train” through focus on the body and heart rate variability. It helps my players get out of the heads and into their body quickly. The heart, when in proper coherence, sends signals to the brain that my player is in a positive mood state, thus allowing for a relaxed body and fluid motion. A true game changer for many of my students!

Golfer’s Journal

Simple evaluations and performance tracking, along with Dr. Kays’ expert knowledge of the game will improve your play in ways that expensive new clubs and swing coaches cannot.

Golfer’s Podcast

Join Dr.Todd Kays as he dives deeper into the specifics it takes to be at the top of your golf game with his podcast. Take Dr. Kays’ words of wisdom and experience with you anywhere! Many of my players have described these podcasts as such a great process of mental training. They can listen to them anytime and anywhere and they help bring their point of focus where it needs to be for their best golf.

Golfer’s Mental Profile

So once you work through a 10 minute questionnaire, the system generates customized information about you and your mental game tendencies, much like video and launch monitors produce customized information for working on your swing and customizing your equipment. The profile is built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach.

Focus Band

The Focus Band is a neurofeedback device used by the likes of Jason Day and Justin Rose. Dr. Kays will use this device with you and can teach you how to use it on your own so that you can begin to quiet the noise in your mind and simply play golf like an athlete – just do, not think. This device has been once Dr. Kays has used for the past 5 years, even before the most current protocol became available. Again, why wonder if you are think too much – know it with actual data and have Dr. Kays teach you how to get in your zone and out of your head.


Mental conditioning is now seen by many to be as critical to sports success as physical conditioning. And for parents eager to ensure their children have a winning edge-as well as a future college scholarship-nothing could be more critical to success.


Respected sport psychologist Dr. Todd Kays reveals techniques to promote a fun and enriching athletic environment, develop essential communications skills, and use mental training to achieve peak performance on and off the field.

Athlete’s Journal

One of the most simple and cost-efficient tools for athletes of all levels. This journal provides easy-to-use evaluation and performance tracking tools to help you set and reach short- and long-term athletic performance goals. Focusing on the mental skills necessary for consistent optimum athletic performance, Dr. Kays has created the Athlete’s Journal using the most effective mental training methods in the field.

Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get your coach, athlete or high performer? A gift card just may be the most ideal present!