All Performers

All Performers

Everything we do in life can be considered some type of “performance.” Dr. Kays has specialized and worked with many different groups and individuals in situations where performance is necessary, sometimes demanded. He works with musicians, actors, politicians, speakers, students preparing for ACT, physician and medical professionals taking board exams, sales people with demanding quotas and so many others. If you think about it, performance is necessary on some level each and every day.

Musicians, Actors, and Dancers

As any musician, dancer or singer can attest, a critical part of performance is determined by mindset. Many performers have tremendous skill, but when it comes time to audition, compete for an orchestra spot, Broadway or college show, teaching position, graduate school application, placement on The Voice or any reality show, even a holiday or church function, they do not perform to their skill level. Sometimes it has costly and disappointing results. Working with Dr. Kays and/or using his products can be the missing key.


Text Anxiety

Some of the brightest students struggle with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm when needing to take an exam. Dr. Kays works with students struggling with test anxiety at school, students preparing for the ACT or SAT, or graduate students and professionals studying for license and board exams. Dr. Kays and his services have helped hundreds of people get to the achievement levels they desire, sometimes after experiencing failure or not passing for several years.

Career and Occupation Performance

People each and every day have performances at work they have to excel at on a consistent basis. If not, certainly self-esteem suffers, possible loss of junior and financial stress as a result, family stress, and health issues. Whether a top sales manager, surgeon, teacher or business executive, you want to be at your best on a consistent basis the mind is the most important tool. Dr. Kays works with individuals and groups form numerous different occupations so that they have the mindset and tools to be their best.

One of the most important components to top performance is mental. This aspect is the least practiced and understood. The main reason for not practicing the “mental” component is that most musicians, singers, dancers and performers do not know how to practice this part of their craft. Performers agree that a large percentage of their discipline is mental, frequently stating upwards of 70% to 80% mental. Furthermore, they claim that upwards of 80% to 90% of their mistakes are mental mistakes. This aspect includes performing under pressure at auditions, motivation, focus, mental recovery from poor performance, “playing” music versus forcing it, “allowing” performance versus “trying to perform”, etc..

Dr. Kays has consulted with musicians, singers, dancers and performers from a variety of disciplines for the past ten years. He has presented or consulted with members of the Columbus Symphony, The Ohio State School of Music, Ohio University School of Music and The University of South Carolina School of Music. 

Through working with Dr. Kays, I have the tools to perform my best when in counts most: in auditions and concerts. He has helped me achieve happiness and confidence while being competitive and loving every aspect of my performance.

Charlotte O’Connor, M.A. French Horn Instructor Plays in various symphonies including Fort Wayne, Indiana; West Virginia, and Columbus, Indiana

I first came to work with Dr. Kays before embarking on auditions for doctoral-level music programs. Before working with him, I had the tendency to let little things bog me down during performances, and would overthink every aspect of my playing and performances. After multiple sessions with Dr. Kays, I was offered admission and doctoral…

Shelby Carico Doctoral Teaching Assistant James Madison University Trumpet Studio

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kays for my entire professional soccer career and what a difference it made. Being a professional soccer player, there is more to the game than wins and losses. This past year Dr. Kays helped me with the mental aspect of the game. Through literature and “mind…

Jon Busch Goalie, San Jose Earthquakes. Goal Keeper of the Year, 2008

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