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Start Thinking Like A Pro From The One Who Trains The Pros

Winter and Spring Mental Training Camps with
Dr. Todd Kays, Mental Coach and Sport Psychologist


You will never reach your golf potential if you do not train your mind and heart! And this is what these sessions all address? You training your skills and fitness, but the mind is left behind. NO MORE!


Are you having these problems with your golf game?


  • Frustrated because you know you have a better game than what you show in tournaments?
  • Practice great, but play poorly?
  • Fear failure?
  • Play from a standpoint of fear rather than excitement?
  • Attitude is “don’t screw this up” as opposed to “let’s see how low I can go today?

Here’s your answer – Dr. Kays’ Mental Training Camps and Programs this Winter and Spring!


  • You will understand exactly what your mind AND heart are doing to prevent poor performance
  • You will learn exact way to practice and prepare to make sure you execute when it counts
  • You will learn and practice with the latest mental training devices, including Focus Band (used by Jason Day and Justin Rose) and Inner Balance
  • You will learn on-course tools to manage challenging emotions in the heat of competition
  • You will practice all of these things in the best indoor facility in Ohio, The Golf Room
  • You will learn these skills with a club in your hand, not just a lecture


Each seminar includes all handouts and a copy of Dr. Kays’ Sports Psychology for Dummies, personalized journal, use of the latest mental training aids including  Inner Balance and Focus Band, use of private bays with TrakMan and Simulator, competitions and prizes.

Dates & Times



Session 1

February 2nd (10am-12pm) and February 3rd (9am-11am)


Session 2

March 30th (10am- 12pm) and March 31st (9am-11am)


Fees $200 per golfer for one weekend; $350 for both


Thursdays 6-7:30pm

January 24th, February 21st, March 21st and April 18th

 Fee: $200 per golfer




March 2nd (10am-12pm)
March 3rd (9am-11am)

Fee: $250 per golfer

Reserve your spot today! Spaces are limited!

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Each golfer receives a copy of Dr. Kays’ Sports Psychology for Dummies, journal and practice with mental technologies Focus Band and Inner Balance